• Press the red Mood Correction button for the intended sentiment.
  • Loading... While the contribution is calculated.
  • One Mood Correction contribution per reference data.
  • One correction does not necessarily change the sentiment.
  • Safely tweet updated chart with Twitter Web Intent.


Sentiment Analysis using text classification. A Naive Bayes Algorithm uses dictionaries of words to classify tweets as negatvie, neutral, or positive. Mood Correction submission are instantly applied. Retweets are black and white. Retweets appear in the Firehose for each instance of amplification. When captured like this, frozen in a snaphot, they look like duplicates. Each Retweet is considered a Tweet because of the Perspectival Agreement Intent of the Retweeter.

10/50 negative tweets

21/50 neutral tweets

19/50 positive tweets

Probably pos

Neg 0.143 Neu 0.286 Pos 0.571

Mood Correction